Extracting Pocket Cards from Digital Papers

Hello Winter digital scrapbook layout by designer Rachael Sheedy featuring the Hello Winter collection by Echo Park Paper available at www.snapclicksupply.com #digitalscrapbooking #snapclicksupply

Hello! Rachael here today, with a layout featuring Echo Park’s beautiful Hello Winter kit. While working with this kit, I decided I wanted to use some of the pocket cards featured in one of the background papers. This is a super easy process that makes your background paper stash even more usable and versatile.

3A_Hello Winter

To extract the “winter sweater” card, I started by selecting the rectangle marquee tool.


Once this tool is active, change the “style” setting from Normal to Fixed Size. Since pocket cards are generally 3×4 (inches) or 4×6, it’s usually pretty easy to determine which size you need to select. Note the size of the card you want to select, and then enter your dimensions into the width and height fields.


Once the size values have been entered, all you have to do is double-check that the paper layer is the active layer in your layers palette, and then click down with your cursor in the upper left-hand corner of the card you wish to select. Photoshop will automatically determine the selection area based on the values you entered.


Some cards may be slightly larger or smaller than the 3×4 or 4×6 dimensions, so feel free to deselect the selection and tweak the values as you prefer. Once you are happy with the selection size, just click Ctrl+J (Windows) or Cmd+J (Mac) to copy your selection to a new layer. Repeat the process for any other cards you’d like to extract, adjusting the values as needed.



Once you are finished extracting cards, you can turn off the background paper layer or delete it altogether. I continued to use the marquee tool on a new, blank layer, filling the selection with the foreground color and clipping a background paper to the new layer. I did this a few times to create several 3×4 cards, and used this as the primary design element in this layout.

Hello Winter digital scrapbook layout by designer Rachael Sheedy featuring the Hello Winter collection by Echo Park Paper available at www.snapclicksupply.com #digitalscrapbooking #snapclicksupply

I hope this layout inspires you to try extracting your own pocket cards from digital papers!


Hello Winter digital collection by Echo Park Hybrids


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Bo Bunny Apple Cider Paper Pack available at www.snapclicksupply.com #digitalscrapbooking #fall #thanksgiving

Thankful layout by Lynn Shokoples featuring Bo Bunny's Apple Cider digital collection available at www.snapclicksupply.com #digitalscrapbooking #fall #thanksgiving

Lori Whitlock December Daily 2013 digital kit available at www.snapclicksupply.com #digitalscrapbooking #decemberdaily #printables

Lori Whitlock December Daily Papers and Elements digital kit available at www.snapclicksupply.com #digitalscrapbooking #decemberdaily #printables

How to Create a Dimensional Brad from a Flat Image

Crisp Weather Main Photo by Betsy Sammarco

Hello everybody!  It’s Betsy Sammarco here to share a cool Photoshop Trick.  I created this layout of my sweet niece using the Carta Bella A Perfect Autumn kit.  The green in the kit caught my eye as I remembered the photos of my niece in her lime-ish green sweatshirt.  A few color tweaks here and there and the kit worked wonderfully.

Crisp Weather 6 by Betsy Sammarco

There are a lot of elements in the kit including solid and decorative brads.  The brads however are flat images without dimension.  I’ll show you a quick and easy way to create fancy metal rimmed brads from the flat images provided in Photoshop.  This technique can be used with any flat image!

  1. Open your flat circular image in Photoshop.

Crisp Weather 1 by Betsy Sammarco

  1. Click on the layer and click fx to add an effect to the image.
  1. Choose Bevel & Emboss. The effects panel will open and you can play with the settings, but I used the Inner Bevel settings shown below.  This will give your brad it’s dimension.

Crisp Weather 2 by Betsy Sammarco

  1. Next, we’ll create the metal rim. Click on stroke.  Click on Fill Type and choose Gradient.  Click on the Gradient down arrow, click on the gear and choose Metals.

Crisp Weather 3 by Betsy Sammarco

  1. You can see which metal stroke you like the best. I chose the one called Steel Bar.

Crisp Weather 4 by Betsy Sammarco

  1. Save this file on your computer and add the drop shadows needed when you place it in your layout.

Easy right?  You’ve just done this:

Crisp Weather 5 by Betsy Sammarco

Supplies used:

CartaBella A Perfect Autumn Full Collection

Liv.E Designs HoHo Holiday Papers

You Charmer Template by Mye De Leon


Documenting The Details

Digital scrapbook layout by designer Tammy Circeo featuring the Finnley kit by Glitz Design available at www.snapclicksupply.com #digitalscrapbooking #snapclicksupply

Hi there! Tammy Circeo from the Design Team here again to share a digital layout using Glitz Designs Finnley Paper Pack and the Finnley Element Pack 2. This is not only a beautiful kit with all sorts of elements useful for documenting relationships, but it is also full of fun, bright colors that will just make you happy!

Finnley digital scrapbooking kit from Glitz Design available at www.snapclicksupply.com #digitalscrapbooking #snapclicksupply

Our daughter left in June to spend three months in Italy and she knew I would miss her greatly. So, being the sneaky little one that she is, she left reminders of herself all over the house … in the form of small, plastic, green skateboarder dudes!! I didn’t find the first one until a few days after she left and I found the last one about a week before she came back. It was so typical of her and a detail of our story that I don’t want to forget.

To document it, I mounted photos of each of the skateboarders in their hiding places onto square cards from the Element Pack 2 and placed them on the layout, then wrote a note to her using the word stickers.

The easiest way to do this is to type in the full message incorporating the words on the stickers.


Then select and delete the words that you want to replace with the word stickers. Using the Move Tool, drag the word stickers into place one at a time, and using the Type Tool and the space bar, make room for the stickers and the typed words.


You might have to play around with it a little bit to get it all positioned just right, but it is certainly a fun way to create a note or journaling.


I also want to point out the design of this layout. I positioned the photos with two in the first row, three in the second, and the last two in the third row, in an offset positioning so that the eye is drawn from the top left of the page to the bottom right, making sure that all those cute skateboarders are noticed. I also used the colors green and black to form triangles that anchor the page visually.


Just a word of encouragement … your layouts don’t always have to have faces in them and in fact, don’t even have to have photos! The important thing is that you are recording memories to last forever … and you can do that simply with words. Don’t sweat the small stuff, but the Devil’s in the details.

Digital scrapbook layout by designer Tammy Circeo featuring the Finnley kit by Glitz Design available at www.snapclicksupply.com #digitalscrapbooking #snapclicksupply

Papers from Glitz Designs Finnley Paper Pack
Elements from Glitz Designs Finnley Element Pack 2

Digital Layout using a Quick Page & Vintage Elements

Hello scrappers! I’m Julie Walker from the design team. I’m here to show you how you can use a modern photo on a vintage-style page layout.
Home Sewn by Julie Walker page 1
I started the page by using the Vintage Artistry Quick Page by Jodie Lee. Quick pages are so great because the base of the page is already made for you!
Home Sewn by Julie Walker page 2
The next step is to add a photo. I chose a black and white photo and then added a Vintage Photo Texture on top of the photo to make it look a little older.
Home Sewn by Julie Walker page 3
Now comes the fun part! Simply add and layer various elements around the photo until you like what you see!
Home Sewn by Julie Walker page 4
And finally, add the story. A title, some journaling, and a date are great ways to add valuable information to the page layout.
Home Sewn by Julie Walker page 5
I usually shy away from vintage themed kits because I don’t have any “old” photos in digital format. This exercise taught me that I can use my current photos and make them look vintage by changing colors and adding textures.
Give it a try sometime!

Fall Digital Scrapbook Page


Hello Snap Click Supply fans! Candice Meyer here with a scrapbook layout idea that’s perfect for documenting your FALL memories! I had an opportunity to work with the Fall Blessings collection by Carta Bella to design this hybrid page. You are going to love all the leaf, apple, and tree elements included within this pack. They coordinate perfectly with all your favorite activities like picking apples, going to the pumpkin patch, jumping into a pile of leaves, or spending time with family.


I knew that I wanted a grouping of colorful leaves to be my main focal point on this layout. I opened several leaf designs in Silhouette and arranged them into a wreath. TIP: Taking a few extra minutes to actually test out my design concept was a lifesaver! I was able to easily see if I needed to make any larger or flip the orientation to match the circle shape. Once I was satisfied with how things looked, I rearranged the leaves to make the maximum use of my paper and utilized the print and cut feature of the silhouette. I also printed one of my favorite yellow backgrounds from the Parade Day Kit [http://www.snapclicksupply.com/parade-day/] to serve as a neutral background. (I love that this soft yellow digital paper also contains a faded script font, which gives it a rich texture!). Finally, I printed one of the journaling card pages from Paper Pack #2 of the Fall Blessings Collection.


All that’s left is to put everything together and embellish! First order of business: adding glitter! I roughly edged some of the leaves with glitter using a glue pen for extra sparkle.


I also added quite a bit of washi tape in 2 colors: orange and aqua stripes. Washi tape is such an easy way to dress up your compositions. Other ideas to consider:

  • Edge your journaling cards or design details with a gold leaf pen.
  • Add rhinestones or glossy enamel dots (I used colorful Sprinkles from the Doodlebug line).
  • Incorporate coordinating paper punches (I added a gold leaf punch to 2 areas).
  • Add die-cut words or phrases to your layout (I positioned the die-cut “Hello” phrase above my photo).


I finished my layout by adding some text to the journaling card in the bottom right corner. I can still hear my daughter giggling as she realized that leaves “crunch” when you run through them! Simply joys!


Happy Fall and happy documenting!



Fall Blessings Collection
Parade Day
Embellishments: gold leafing pen, glitter, glue pen, enamel stickers, punched shapes, washi tape, die-cut phrases

Travel Digital Scrapbook Layout

Hello fellow crafters! Candice Meyer from the design team here with a fun travel themed layout. Summer is all about adventures, right? Whether it’s simply running through the sprinklers in your backyard or discovering architectural gems in European cities, you can document your memories using gorgeous papers and embellishments found on the Snap Click Supply Company site. My husband and I enjoyed a few days in Canada last month touring both Ottawa and Montreal. We had a blast! The Happy Travels collection was perfect for capturing details and photos of our getaway.


I highly recommend Jessica Sprague’s digital scrapbooking classes to help you learn the ins and outs of Photoshop—with her easy to follow instructions and awesome design tips, you will be creating gorgeous digital layouts in no time! Here’s one secret: LAYER! And then, LAYER some more!

Here’s a snapshot of my process:

  1. Select your base paper and photos. Tip: Use your photos as design inspiration- what colors, backgrounds, and patterns will coordinate with your subject? I chose photos that complemented the red/blue color combination of the Happy Travels collection.

Glitz Design Happy Travels Digital Elements Kit Glitz Design Happy Travels Digital Paper Kit

  1. Use clipping masks to create multiple layers of papers and embellishments. This process also helps you to create “texture” in a digital format as various elements overlap! I grouped together 2 circles, 1 ribbon banner, 1 polaroid square, and 2 square shapes into a cohesive unit. Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix things up and use designs from multiple collections. As you can see in the supply list, I utilized key graphics from several different kits that coordinated with my travel theme.


I love how this focal point turned out!

  1. Experiment with creating drop shadows and changing the opacity of various layers. For example: I created a red band along the right side of my layout using the rectangle shape tool. Having this color block right next to the patterned paper was just too stark of a contrast. I added 2 layers to help soften and integrate this pop of color into my composition. First, I clipped a simple overlay from the PDQ collection to the red rectangle and set the opacity to 12%. Then, I clipped a writing overlay to the top for added interest. I set the opacity of this layer to 23%. Even barely visible additions can make a dramatic difference in your compositions!


The best part of this project? Not only is it beautiful, but it came together quickly and easily! …which leaves time for more summertime adventures! Double win! Cheers to capturing and documenting your unique story!


Happy Travels Papers
Happy Travels Embellishments
Fact & Fiction Element Pack 2: Button
Fact & Fiction Element Pack 3: Letter
Polaroid Frames
PDQ Overlays Vol. 11
Grunge Factory 2: Lettering Overlay
Jenni Bowlin Classic Border Shapes

Double Page Summer Digital Scrapbook Layout

 Summer Layout by Julie Walker 3
Happy Summer, y’all!
I’m Julie from Texas and I’m here to show you how easy it is to create a Digi Double Page Layout using two individual page templates.  If you’re like me, you like your facing pages to coordinate – in colors, theme, and photos-from-the-same-event kind of way.  In fact, this is a MUST for me.
So, here’s what I started with:
Summer Layout by Julie Walker 4
Jessica Sprague’s Sweet Life Template.  And…
Summer Layout by Julie Walker 5
Then, I picked out a really SUMMER-y collection of papers + elements by Bo Bunny.
Summer Layout by Julie Walker 6
I just loved how this Key Lime Collection went with my summer adventure photos from a recent trip to Mexico.  This kit would also work with pictures from the pool, boat, and of course, the beach!
Summer Layout by Julie Walker 7
As you can see, I just clipped in papers, photos, and a few elements.  I even added a little logo to my page, which I copied from the Selvatica Adventure Park’s website.  I often do this as it’s like attaching a physical memento from a trip (almost like saving a postcard, receipt, or other souvenir).
Summer Layout by Julie Walker 8
As for page 2, I simply moved the elements that were originally on the left side of the page to the right side (and vice versa).  I felt like this just balanced out the layout better.  I stamped a large, watercolor type brush to the bottom of this page and then clipped in the group photo.  And finally, I added a little journaling and a date to finish the pages.
I love working with templates and kits.  This makes it super easy to put everything together – FUN & FAST!
Jessica Sprague’s Template15-Sweet Life and Template15-Friends Forever 12×12 inch PSD templates.
BoBunny’s Key Lime Full Collection Kit.
Liv.E Design’s My Paintbox Volume 1 Brush Set.

DIY Patriotic Confetti Poppers & More!

Hello, friends! This is Candice from the Snap Click Supply design team. I’m so glad to be sharing two quick and easy ideas to spark some fun for the Fourth of July weekend! I fell in love with the darling star elements found in the Flags and Stars digital kit– so many creative possibilities! You could, for example, string a few of them together to create a star banner on your next digital layout. I also thought they would be cute embellishments on gift packaging- perfect for those summer birthdays!  For my project this month, I decided to use them as a focal point on DIY confetti poppers.


Not only are confetti poppers incredibly easy to assemble, but they also serve as festive Holiday décor! All you need for this project:

  • empty toilet paper (or paper towel) cardboard rolls
  • tissue paper
  • star and banner digital embellishments
  • glue pen with a chisel tip
  • decorative ribbon
  • glitter (optional)
  • confetti paper pieces/candy/small toy

Simply fill your empty cardboard roll with candy, confetti, or a small toy. Then, roll colorful tissue paper around it. Twist the ends on each side and secure with ribbon. Decorate the front of your homemade popper with printed digital elements.


In order to add a bit of extra sparkle, I edged the sides of my stars with glitter using Zig’s 2-way glue pen. I also added the words “celebrate, shine!, and hooray!” using a favorite font in Photoshop Elements.



Cheers to 4th of July fun that also doubles as a sweet treat! I know my 2.5 year old is going to have fun opening these poppers over this weekend. To capture our summer memories, I also whipped up a hybrid scrapbooking page. Don’t you think the open center on the star embellishments is the perfect spot to add a cherished photo? Using the concepts I learned in Jessica Sprague’s scrapbooking classes, I created a very basic digital layout. I selected a yellow background from the Parade Day collection to serve as the base of my design.


Because I love adding texture, I printed out the page and added several more details including punched stars, washi tape, and gold nailheads. I plan to continue journaling past and present summer memories along the side to fill in the space next to the cluster of stars.



Happy Fourth of July from the Snap Click Supply Co. team!

Digital Supplies:

Parade Day papers
Flags and Stars embellishments